Friday, June 24, 2016

May Show singles- Part 2

It's taken me awhile to get all the cards posted from the show that was over a month ago. Due to my work schedule I usually just don't have the time or energy to put posts together during the week. I'm sure many of you understand. Anywho...

Here are the final cards I picked up at the May show.

Awesome addition to my HoF relic PC! I did not previously have any relics of Rollie Fingers or Reggie Jackson so this card checks two more off the list, as well as adding another for Catfish Hunter.




I thought this card was interesting. It looks like Panini put the relics in the wrong window. The relic on the right has a shiny gold patch. That's definitely not from a Tigers uniform and definitely is from a Brewers uniform. So it's an interesting error card.

After I made all my purchases I still had $10 so I bought a jumbo pack of 2015 Bowman and pulled this Luis Severino auto. Definitely one of the better autos to pull!

And that FINALLY wraps up my posts on the May card show. 



    Looks like they got the Fielder wrong on another /10. But they got the 1/1 right:

    1. Hmm..I wouldn't be surprised if the employee who put the jersey swatches in the card knew nothing about baseball and was used to just plan single color swatches for the higher numbered cards.

      Nice find!