Saturday, June 18, 2016

May Show Singles - Part 1

At this show I actually picked up enough singles to split into two post. This post will be about the non-hit cards. Most of these I got scouring through one dealer's dollar box. I ended up with some sweet cards for a buck each. The dealer I bought them from is always at the shows. He's a huge Yankees fan and originally from the Bronx. He's never told me that, it's just obvious by his accent and the fact that I've never seen him wearing anything other than a Yankees shirt. He's a nice guy but also a very pushy salesman. So I tread lightly around his tables. I have scored some nice deals from him before like that open, but full jumbo box of 2015 Bowman Chrome a couple shows back. Thankfully he was preoccupied with some other customers so I could look through his dollar boxes without him trying to get me to take an entire box.

1993 Upper Deck SP - Chipper Jones

2001 Topps Gallery - Chipper Jones Star Gallery insert

2000 Topps Finest - Chipper Jones Finest Gems

1997 Donruss Preferred - Chopper Jones X-Ponential Power insert

1993 Topps Finest - Greg Maddux Finest All-Stars

1998 Score - Tony Gwynn Loaded Lineup insert

I was really happy to find the Chipper Jones '93 SP card for only $1. Definitely a great addition to my collection. The rest were nice additions as well.

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