Thursday, June 9, 2016

May Show Box 2- 2016 Bowman Hobby - rarer than a super...

Box #2 was a regular hobby box of 2016 Bowman. This was really the only thing I went in intending to buy. I figured I better go ahead and snag a box before it gets ridiculously expensive like it usually does. I'm pretty so-so on the base set design this year. Again, Bowman looks more like something Topps would have used for their football cards. And I really don't like putting their player's name on the side at a perpendicular angle to the logo. It doesn't really make sense to me when there is a gaping open space at the bottom between the team logo and the player's position. It seems very unnecessary to do it the way they did. If the name was at the bottom then I would probably be a little more receptive to the design.  

Jason Heyward's base card really stuck out to me. Frankly it makes no sense as it completely goes against what we normally see in Bowman base cards, and that's ok! Bowman cards are nearly always action shots, which are usually photoshopped for the prospects, or occasionally posed shots for prospects. So it seems an odd decision to use a photo that is presumably from the press conference when Heyward was introduced as a Cub. If this was perhaps a trend in this year's set with players who changed teams or was inserted as a short printed variation then it would make more sense. But as his regular base card it seems out of character.

As I mentioned above photoshopping is used for nearly all Bowman prospect cards since most have never actually put on the uniform of their parent club. Topps also will use it for major league players that have switched teams. Usually it doesn't look too bad. Sometimes it is obvious. This example of Andrelton Simmons has got to be one of the worst I have ever seen...

I'm sure this has been addressed by other bloggers already, but..Topps screwed up on printing the pack odds The silver paper parallels, as seen above, are listed as 1:43 packs and serial numbered. In reality they are about 1:12 packs an unnumbered. They're listed the same way in Bowman retail as well on both the packs and the packaging. Oops!!

Refractor #478/499

I wonder if his parents are fans of Batman..

Blue Refractor #115/150

And now something rarer than a Superfractor...

Purple #28/250

Purple Refractor Auto #93/250

The purple paper parallels are 1:86 packs. The purple refractor autos are 1:290 packs. Not that easy to pull one of each in the same box. Now what are the odds of pulling one of each of the same player in the same box? 

According to my calculations you have an approximately 1 in 538 chance of pulling a purple paper parallel of a specific player from a specific box. And a 1 in 423 chance of pulling a specific player's purple refractor autograph. So, based on my horrible math skills I believe that would mean you have approximately a 1 in 227,574 chance of pulling both from the same box. That means that these two cards, that are worth MAYBE $10, being in my one box is wayyyyy more unlikely than pulling a Superfractor auto!!! 


Ok I'll stop cause my head hurts from all that math. I need a Gatorade.

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