Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Braves from the Bay - PC 1 of 1!!!

In the last couple of weeks I've picked up three more cards from eBay to add to my Braves PC. 


First up is this Ryan Klesko auto from 2016 Museum. This is my first Klesko autograph. Ryan was fun to watch during his time with the Braves as he was a fairly reliable power hitter and played a decent left field.


A nice John Smoltz patch from 2009 Topps Unique. I've been thinking about picking up a box of this product but it has gone up about $50 a box in the last year so I may take a wait and see approach. 


Jason Heyward In The Name letter patch from 2011 Topps Series 1

My favorite seller had this card listed for awhile as a BIN/BO. The BIN price was a little high for me so I kept my eye on it hoping he would drop the price and no one else would snag it. Well a few weeks ago he dropped the BIN price by $20 but it was still a little high. So I waited. As the listing time dwindled on the card I was debating whether to make an offer as I was worried he may try to move it elsewhere since it had sat for a few months without being bought. Last Friday morning I was bored at work at 6 AM and was thinking about cards. I decided to give it a shot so I pulled out my phone and made what I felt was a reasonable offer. And my offer was high enough to be auto accepted! So I now have my first Braves PC 1 of 1 that is not a printing plate, and a pretty sweet card to boot!!


  1. Topps Unique was a pretty fun product. Lots of "unique" pieces.

    Nice Heyward too!