Friday, May 15, 2015

Museum Mail Day

Today the last two cards I was waiting on arrived. Both of these fit extremely well into my collection and I got them both for less than $10 each. Win!


This card was $6.25 plus shipping. And it was an auction. A crime in my opinion that it went for so low. But I am not complaining, no siree!


This one I won at $9.99 plus shipping as the only bidder. Another auto for my collection from Mr. So Much Talent But Can't Stay Healthy.

A funny note to add on the confusing nature of the USPS. The second card was mailed to me on Monday from Knoxville, TN which is about a 5 or 6 hour drive from me in NC. The first card was mailed from Honolulu, HI on Tuesday, a day later, which is obviously a lot further away. They both arrived on the same day.


  1. Sucks about Minor. Doubt we'll see him pitch for the good guys again.

    1. Yeah. They'll probably give him the Brandon Beachy treatment. Both pitched very well when healthy but they just can't stay off the DL.

  2. Minor has been a personal favorite of mine for also being a Vandy guy. Wish he could stay healthy.