Friday, May 1, 2015

A Tasty Bowman Appetizer

Today I went to Charlotte with my mom to help her ship some boxes overseas. On the way home she wanted to do some clothes shopping so I dropped her off at Kohl's then went to Target. I was hoping to get some Bowman to give it a look before buying a hobby box. I bought one blaster and boy, it was a fun bust.

Two Silver Ice parallels in one blaster. Off to a good start.

Interesting that Topps decided to use one of last year's "Shimmer" parallels as the base design for the prospect minis. Maybe that'll mean one less parallel in Bowman Chrome..we can hope.

Refractor 400/499

Silver parallel 143/499

Green parallel 34/99

I'm gonna go ahead and tell you that I did not pull an auto, but that's ok! This was a great blaster to start off with and definitely makes me want to pick up a hobby box. I like that Topps continued the trend they set with Series 1 in going in a completely new direction with the card design. Having the same white bordered stuff year after year was getting very boring. My one beef is putting the player's name on the side rather than the bottom. But I can live with it.

Oh, by the way..

I hit an orange wave pack too!!!

My scanner sucks. These cards are absolutely gorgeous in person!!

I got lucky and hit an orange wave pack last year so I was quite surprised to land one again this year, and in my first blaster too!!

With that, this was probably one of the most loaded blasters I've ever opened. And it didn't even have an auto! I'll definitely be buying more Bowman soon.


  1. damn Nice pull man so the whole pack was all Orange chromes?

    1. Five of the ten cards were orange wave. There were also three regular base cards and two regular chrome cards in the pack.