Friday, April 3, 2015

Catching up

I've had these four cards for over a month now but just hadn't gotten around to posting them.

I pulled this Wil Myers blue back from a Topps Heritage  Wal-mart blaster. According to Cardboard Connection there were only ten of each made, five in hobby and five in retail. So it was a pretty tough pull.

When 2015 Donruss S1 came out I was surprised to see my Walmart stocking it. I realized last year that I like the new Donruss better than Topps flagship so I picked up a couple rack packs and pulled this Yovani Gallardo relic. I'll probably pick up a hobby box at some point.

Last year in a Target repack box, from a pack of 2013 Panini Prizm Draft, I pulled a redemption for a a Rainy Lara Blue Prizm auto #/75. A low level Mets pitching prospect. I saw that the base autos were live but the color variations were not. I went ahead and redeemed it and waited. After the required four month waiting period I hadn't received anything so I contacted Panini to inquire about a replacement. I asked if I could have a comparable Braves auto as a replacement and the rep told me that would be ok. After about three months of waiting I received this Ron Darling auto. Not a Brave. But Darling had a fairly successful career. So I'll take it over an auto of a guy that's unlikely to ever see the show.

Have you ever been browsing on eBay and seen a card that would be perfect in your PC. but you knew it would be out of your price range? Well this was one of those cards for me. I've built a good collection of Chipper Jones relics but didn't have any patches. One night I saw it on eBay with something like 15 bids at $16 with about 12 hours left. I knew it would go out of my price range but I threw caution to the wind and threw in a $20 bid. Unbelievably no one else bid the rest of the auction and I won the card. This card is now the centerpiece of my Chipper Jones PC.

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  1. That Chipper is gorgeous for under the cost of a blaster.