Monday, January 26, 2015


In the new year I've changed my collecting focus and shifted away from retail purchases. This change has already begun to pay off. However I am still faced with the large amount of cards I have that don't fit into my collection. I desperately need to clear storage space and have decided that the best way to do it is to basically give the cards away. Therefore I'm going to put together USPS flat rate boxes to ship to anyone that wants one. All I will ask is that the recipient pay the shipping cost via PayPal plus a little extra to cover PayPal's take and packaging costs (bubble wrap, team bags etc.) I'm going to offer these here first before I offer them on Facebook collecting groups. But before I start putting them together I have a question:

Regardless of whether or not you are interested in a box, do you think it would be better to do team lots or just bulk lots of everything? I'm leaning towards bulk lots because it cuts down on the amount of work I have to put in plus some team lots may be difficult to get rid of. But I would still like opinions.



  1. Whether or not you want to move stuff by team or by bulk probably depends on what the cards are. That said, I've seen some people do a bit of both by just separating the big market teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers and lump the other 27 teams into one giant blob.

    Good luck clearing space.

  2. I've done the team thing and had some teams left. I've also seen people have success by listing certain years and sets. Whatever you choose I'll take part.

  3. I'd say just do them mixed up not by team less work would be like a grab bag and would be a lot of fun to open since we would have no idea what was on it's way. i'm in for one just let me know when there ready. Also, Paypal if you send it as a gift I think it is and not buying something there should be no fees unless they changed that. My email is send me an email when your starting and how much.