Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Odds

Back in June I pulled a Levon Washington orange retail auto #164/250 from 2014 Bowman. The post can be seen HERE.

Well America's Largest Employer put out a couple rack packs that they had somehow missed I guess. I bought one because Bowman was a fun rip this year. And what would I pull...but...this:

Another Levon Washington orange retail auto. This time #043/250.

Now these were seeded 1:255 packs. I did not open even half that many packs of Bowman this year between retail and hobby, much less retail alone. So the chances that I would pull two orange autos was not good, much less the same freakin guy from a checklist of 22 players. I'm no math whiz but I expect that the odds were astronomical. Maybe I should start buying lottery tickets...

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