Monday, November 17, 2014

My first vintage purchase

Awhile back I mentioned in a post about how my dad went to high school with former pitching phenom Don Gullett. Gullett was drafted out of high school by the Reds, made the majors at 19 and later pitched for the Yankees before having his career ended by injuries. During his short nine year career he had a very strong 109-50 record with a 3.11 ERA finishing with double digit wins in six of his nine seasons. Gullett is also one of the very few players to win the World Series four years in a row.

Well one evening recently I stumbled across an eBay seller that had some vintage 70's cards for $1 each. They included the following, which I bought.






So, I am now looking for Don Gullett's Topps cards from 1973, 1974, 1976, 1979 and 1980. If anyone has these cards and is willing to trade them I am interested. 

On a side note, I showed these cards to my dad and he said he always though Don looked like he was lost staring off in the distance, ie, all of the cards above save for 1978.


  1. I just bought the '77 Topps Don Gullett at a card show yesterday...except mine cost a dime.

  2. Yeah..I know I probably overpaid for these. But it wasn't a huge amount and since he doesn't have a lot of cards it shouldn't cost me much more to complete.

  3. Gotta like the personal story with Gullet. I still like the story from Bill Lee's "The Wrong Stuff" from the 1975 World Series. Sparky Anderson was bigging up Gullet pitching against Lee in that series. Anderson said something to the effect that Gullet would be going to the Hall of Fame after the series. Lee responded, "Well, he might go to the Hall of Fame, but I'm going to the Eliot Lounge."