Friday, September 12, 2014

Hit Parade Pt. 2

This post will focus on the autographs that I got in my eight packs of Hit Parade from Dave and Adam's.

Probably the lowest end of the autos along with the Dolis above. But at least this one is a Brave.

This one came with the fingerprints all over it. I'll just pretend that they belong to Rosario.

Did not expect to pull an auto numbered that low.

A really sweet looking acetate card.

Needless to say, those last three cards made me say "holy cow" when I pulled them. I really wasn't expecting to pull autos that good from a $10 repack product. 


  1. The last 3 are nice additions. I really like the Wainwright auto. He doesn't sign very much.

  2. The Wainwright is pretty cool, even if he is a Cardinal! :-)

  3. Love the Wainwright and the Porcello.

  4. Is the Russo for trade? If so please email me at