Saturday, September 6, 2014

A few recent eBay wins

I picked up this awesome Brandon Beachy patch/relic/auto #99/99 from 2013 Museum for all of $7.99 shipped. I imagine the seller was quite disappointed with that as it was up for auction with a BIN of $34.99. I hit the opening bid of $7.99 and never had any competition. As such I was able to add a sweet piece to my PC for an amazing price.

I landed this Glavine jumbo relic for $11.83 shipped and had some competition in doing so. I was quite surprised as I have been hunting a similar Freddie Freeman and they've been going to $20+.

This McCann jumbo relic came at $7.50 shipped. I harbor no ill will for McCann leaving Atlanta since I see a lot more upside in Bethancourt so it was nice to pick this card up at a good price.

Lastly, one evening I was perusing BIN autos that had free shipping. I came across these two Donruss autos from the same seller each which had a BIN of just $1.15 and free shipping. ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTEEN CENTS!!!!!!! I couldn't pass that up especially with it being two notable guys. So I got these two autos for exactly $2.30 total. I felt like that was quite the steal.

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