Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Joining in on the Platinum fun

Recently I've seen quite a few blog postings from collectors who busted some Bowman Platinum packs or blasters. I figured I might as well join in so I picked up a blaster today. I bought a rack pack awhile back a liked the cards quite a bit.

Here are some of the highlights from the blaster.

Duke Snider Bowman Sapphire refractor rookie reprint seeded 1:20 packs

I like this insert set that they have spread out across all of the Bowman releases this year. 

Carlos Martinez Prospect X-fractor 1:20 packs

Clayton Kershaw sapphire parallel seeded 1:10 packs

Joey Gallo Top Prospects seeded 1:5 packs

I am particularly fond of this one because of the promise that Gallo is showing.

Gavin Cecchini Prospect gold refractor parallel 17/50 seeded 1:819 packs

Heyo!!!  Not a "hit" exactly but still an excellent pull from a retail blaster. Any Mets fans out there interested?

This turned out to be an excellent blaster. Four inserts seeded at longer odds than the eight packs in the box. Not bad at all!

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