Monday, October 5, 2015

Bowman Chrome Jumbo

Recently I picked up a jumbo box of 2015 Bowman Chrome. It turned out fairly well.

A sampling of the inserts.

They call these "minis" but they're more like the "Tall Boy" inserts from Heritage. I feel like inserts of this type don't really fit into any Bowman product, particularly Chrome.

A logical addendum to the Top 100 inserts from regular Bowman.

Woo die-cuts!


Refractor 368/499

Refractor 395/499

Refractor 193/499

Purple Refractor 218/250

Blue Refractor 013/150

Green Refractor 09/99


Base - with a nice looking signature


Refractor 148/499

Purple Refractor 188/250

Also the rare Bowman prospect photo where the player's head isn't photoshopped onto someone else's body.

Blue Refractor 140/150

Davis is definitely the best auto in the bunch. He tore it up this year at High A Lancaster in the California League finishing with a .286, 26, 101 line. Definitely a bright future.

Jumbo boxes of Chrome are a lot of fun to bust, but they are pricey. I feel like I did ok. There are some better boxes I've seen and a lot of way worse ones. 

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