Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Topps Triple Threads box

At the recent card show I attended my biggest purchase was one box of 2014 TTT. Ever since I got back into the hobby and discovered this set I've been pining to open a box for myself in addition to all the singles I've bought on eBay or traded for. Well this show provided the perfect opportunity. I got it from a dealer I had bought from before. He's the same guy I got the 2013 Finest box from back in April where I pulled the 1993 Finest Matt Williams buyback autograph. This guy's prices rock, They were far and away the best of any dealer at the show. He sells online as well at Queen City Sportscards. He doesn't have a huge selection online but his prices are right on par with and sometimes even better than Blowout. I bought three different boxes from him at this show, the other two of which I'll feature in the near future, so he gave me a good deal on everything. The TTT box came to $135 which I thought great since Blowout is currently $149.95. Like any wax, and especially high end, it can be very hit or miss. I got the usual assortment of base cards and parallels, none super low numbered. Here are the hits. I think I did alright.

Mini-box 1


Always happy to get a future Hall of Famer. This one is going to preemptively go in the HoF relic PC. I'm going to assume the red swatches are from an All-Star workout jersey.


And an already HoFer to go in the PC. Doing well so far! Props to the employee at Topps for putting the sticker on crooked.

Mini-box 2


Not a future HoFer but a recent World Series MVP at least. I like Koji's signature but I would love it if he would sign in Japanese.


Possible future HoFer. And also not a plain Unity relic like most boxes.

If I sold these cards I would not make back the cost of the box. But since I don't sell and this was all for fun and I had a blast, I think I did pretty well. My real dream is to bust a whole 18 box double master case of Triple Threads. 


  1. If you decide to part with that Koji, let me know. 8/18 is my birthday and I've been collecting TTT with that serial number. I'm with you on busting this. I'd like to,but I'll never be able to afford it!

  2. If trading the Sabathia let me know, I would love to have that card! Amazing box!

    1. Oh yeah heres my email:

      Thank You!

  3. I would also be very interested in the CC. If interested please email me at

  4. Sorry guys, at this point none of these are for trade. But if in the future I decide to move any of them I'll let you know.