Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Topps Stadium Club box

Box #2 that I purchased from my favorite dealer was 2014 Stadium Club. When this product debuted I was not happy with the concept and even less happy with the price. Obviously I wasn't alone because the price of boxes plummeted quickly. I got this one for $55. Each box contains three mini-boxes which each contain six packs of five cards. You are guaranteed one on-card autograph per mini-box.


This one looks like it belongs in Topps Chrome.

Gold parallel #11/50


Rainbow Parallel #49/50

As is the historical hallmark of Stadium Club, the photography was superb with some really cool shots that aren't what Topps normally uses for cards. Auto content wise, maybe there are some good boxes out there but I did not get one of them. 

I feel like this product really isn't appropriate as a hobby only, mid level release. It would have been better served to be a slight step above Topps flagship with hobby boxes receiving a similar pack-out, and one hit per box as well as a similar price. It also should have gotten a retail release. I can hope that Topps will learn a lesson from the drastic, quick drop in price that happened. They weren't the ones that took the financial hit from said drop, that went to the distributors and more so the dealers. Collectors like me that waited to grab a box definitely benefited though. If Topps doesn't change their approach to this set next year I imagine they'll see a huge drop in pre-orders meaning it will be a much more short printed release. In conclusion I think $55 for this box was a good price. That's what it should debut at next year. But I'm sure it will still be in the $80-100 range.


  1. I'd love to trade for that Puig. I'll send you an email.

  2. Nice box! Not too sure about the autograph checklist, but the base looks awesome! Sonny Gray isn't a bad pitcher either : )

  3. Changed the format for next years release. Down to 2 autos and more inserts bet box and no more mini boxes. Plus I think they are trying to beef up the auto checklist

    1. I'm glad to hear that. I am perfectly fine with fewer autos if they're going to be better autos. The ones I pulled certainly weren't bad by any measure. I just gave the checklist a look and there are a lot of low end names on there. Some I haven't even heard of. For every Ripken or Griffey there's ten guys that are utility players for 4th place teams. Hopefully next year's offering improves in that area. I also wouldn't mind the addition of relics if they went in that direction.

  4. Congratulations on pulling the Gray! The base cards are beautiful. I've already busted two boxes and two more should arrive tomorrow.