Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Topps Finest box

The last box I got at the card show from my new favorite dealer was a box of 2014 Finest. I enjoyed busting a box of 2013 a few months back and it certainly helped to hit one of the toughest pulls in the set. He gave me a good price and I'd been wanting to bust a box of '14.

Green Refractor 162/199

Green Refractor 028/199

Blue Refractor 031/125

Gold Refractor 16/50

And the autos

Taijuan Walker is not a bad pull. Overall I'm guessing this was a pretty average box. Certainly not like pulling a buyback auto #/5 like the 2013 box, but I can't complain.


  1. Depending on the price you got the box at, I would say it was a so-so box, but the inserts are awesome! Happy Holidays!