Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bowman Platinum

Hi guys. I only had one post last month. That was my worst month of blogging since I started. Hopefully September will be better. I finally got all my recent acquisitions scanned so I should have more material to share when I have the opportunity to get online.

The first thing I will show you is Bowman Platinum, as the title says. I picked up one hobby box but a few cards I'm showing are also from retail buys.

First up, the parallels.

I got this KB blue, excuse me "sapphire", refractor in the very first pack of retail I opened on release day. Not a bad start.

Purple refractors from retail rack packs

Of the major leaguer paper parallels I think the red looks the best by far. The gold and blue just don't pop off the card in person like the red does.

Green refractors

The gold was a pretty nice pull from the hobby box.

And now the autos

I pulled one auto from retail, the Bandilla on the left. Imagine my "joy" when I pulled another Bandilla from my hobby box. What are the odds of that? As such, one or both are absolutely available for trade.

The auto/relic solidified the hobby box as a Jesse Biddle hot box. The jersey swatch is almost certainly from the 2013 Futures game. I just wish these were on card autos like the regular prospect auto cards. 

More posts coming soon!

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