Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hit Parade Pt.1

As part of my most recent Dave and Adam's order I decided to give their repack product a shot. They call it "Hit Parade" hence the title. Each pack, which is really just a small bubble envelope, contains one relic, one auto and another card that is generally an insert. At $9.95 a pack it seemed like a pretty good deal regardless of what each pack contained. I ended up ordering eight packs. First up I'll show the relics and inserts that I got.

This was the biggest relic pull for me as I've been wanting to nab a Griffey Jr. relic for awhile.

As a relic fan I quite enjoyed these cards.

The insert cards they added were mostly common stuff from the last couple years of Topps. But two of the cards stood out to me.

The "The Elite" insert from last year's Topps flagship is super thick. The thickness as well as the design makes it look more like a Museum Collection base card to me. 

1985 Topps Kirby Puckett rookie card! And in pristine condition as well! 

Next post will include the autos and show why $9.95 per was an awesome deal.


  1. The Griffey and Posada are really nice along with the Puckett RC!