Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bonus time

Just like your average Joe, I don't like my job very much. But I do work for a company that is nice enough to treat its employees to a quarterly bonus if we meet certain quotas and other criteria. I don't get a lot of money for it and would certainly like more but I look at it as free money that I otherwise wouldn't have. As such I tend to go on card buying sprees with it. My last check just so happened to be the one with the 3rd quarter bonus so I went on an eBay buying spree. Here are the cards I've gotten in so far and I still have a few more on the way.




This one is for my HoF relic PC


Also for the HoF relic PC


I think the swatches in all of my Brandon Beachy relics all came from the same jersey.


This Mike Minor patch card from 2014 TTT is one of my favorites. I was quite surprised to win it and for a lot less than I thought it would go for.


I've been wanting to own a Drew Storen auto for awhile now simply for how unique his 


My first Mike Minor auto! And another one that came cheaper than I thought it would. I guess it pays off to PC guys who aren't superstars or have below average seasons.

(Sorry Gavin, this one is PC!!)

Thorman seemed to have a bright future with the Braves back in the mid 2000's. Unfortunately his career never panned out. He had a short stint with the Braves in 2006 and spent most of the season with the team in 2007 but he never played in another MLB game after failing to make the team in 2008. He did play for Team Canada in the 2006 and 2009 World Baseball Classics. He is currently a coach for the Burlington Royals of the rookie level Appalachian League. 


  1. That Molitor Sweet Spot Relic is pretty sweet (no pun intended)!