Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why not?

So today I made a pit-stop at local Wally World #2 which is the one with the MUCH better card aisle. After loading up on some S2 last time I'm not really sure I want to spend any more cash on the flagship set this year. At least not until the Update set comes out. I would imagine that many of my fellow collectors feel the same way as I do in that S2 just lacks a lot of the excitement as S1. The base set now seems rather bland and repetitive and it's not really worth it to me to spend the money for the inserts and the handful of base set cards I would want. SO, long story short I quickly let my eyes drop from the top shelf of current products down to the older blaster and hanger boxes just to see what they had in stock. As it turns out they had one 2012 Topps Series 1 blaster and one 2011 Topps Series 2 hanger box in stock and they were both discounted! I didn't collect much of either of these sets so it was nice and fresh for me. Now I always like hanger boxes for their value as they are normally priced at $10 and it was marked down to $6! As far as the blaster goes I normally avoid the flagship blasters like the plague. $20 for 80 cards plus a manu-patch is not very attractive to me. Not to mention that they insert no autos or relics into the blasters as far as I'm aware. But in this case the blaster was marked down to $12 so I figured "Why not?" And I snapped it up before some other enterprising collector came along and beat me to it.

Now as these two sets are from previous years I'm sure you guys probably have no interest in the base set cards so I'm going to skip talking about them. You may not be interested in the inserts either but I am so read on or don't, your choice! =) I'm only going to show a few of the inserts from both as I don't feel like typing a lot right now nor do I think any of you wish to look through a bunch of cards you've probably already seen.

From the 2011 Series 2 hanger box

60 Years of Topps
60YOT-100 Wade Boggs

Kimball Champions
KC-63 Juan Marichal
KC-75 Bob Feller

Diamond Stars
DS-10 Albert Pujols

And from the 2012 Series 1 blaster

Golden Moments
GM-36 John Smoltz

Gold Futures
GF-24 Paul Goldschmidt 

Golden Greats
GG-32 Mickey Mantle
GG-37 Roberto Clemente

Gold Standard
GS-21 Chipper Jones

And the manu-patch card

RN-RM Roger Maris

I've never much cared for the manu-patch cards to be honest. I'd much rather have a game used relic than a piece of fabric that Topps made. But upon some research apparently this card is going for $13 plus on COMC so I guess some people do like them. 

Anywho, hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Happy collecting!

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