Saturday, July 6, 2013

Braves and Archives

I recently completed a trade with Superduperman99 from Fantastic Catch. I sent him a nice collection of Cardinals cards that he needed and a couple of inserts I had recently pulled that he was interested in along with a few other base cards he needed to help complete a couple sets. In return he sent me a selection of Braves base set cards from different Topps sets that I was in need of.

Thanks for the trade!

Back almost a month ago I put in a Take My Cards request with Crackin Wax. After sending him my SASE he got the cards in the mail in a timely manner as he always does. However, the cards didn't arrive...and didn't arrive...and didn't arrive. About a week and a half after he put them in the mail I started getting worried. I sent Crackin Wax and email just to let him know what was going on and that I was worried that USPS had lost the cards. Well at this point almost a month after I put in the request I had pretty much given the cards up for lost. But this morning I stopped at the post office and lo and behold there was a large white envelope in my box. The envelope was from the USPS Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta and had something small but thick inside. I knew this had to be the cards and it was! My PWE inside was sliced open all the way across lengthwise but thankfully all of the cards were present and accounted for and none the worse for wear. On the outside of my envelope was stamped "Returned for additional postage". Now in the past I have found that two forever stamps was plenty enough postage to cover a PWE with 20 cards inside. I know the USPS does not recommend using multiple forever stamps on one parcel but they only say that because you end up overpaying that way. I just find it easier to throw two stamps on there and send it on it's way. So I'm not sure what was going on there. I'm just glad the cards arrived. 

I received from Crackin Wax a 2007 Topps Heritage Chipper Jones New Age Performers along with a selection of 2013 Topps Archives cards.

To be honest I don't have a lot of interest in Topps Archives. I started my collecting days in the mid 90s and my long since closed LCS had TONS of junk wax packs available for really cheap. So much like many of my fellow collectors, I'm sure, I was able to build near full sets of those WONDERFUL Topps, Donruss and Score sets from the late 80's just from buying two or three packs every time I went card shopping. Therefore, the current Topps Archives doesn't interest me all that much as its mostly just the same junk wax designs with current players. BUT, Crackin Wax had some up for claiming for almost free so why not?

By the way, when I say "almost free" I mean that you still have to pay for the postage and Crackin Wax also asks you to make a $1 donation via Paypal to Big Brothers Big Sisters in exchange for the cards. So almost free cards and your $1 goes to a great cause! He's got a lot of great cards available here so check it out!

Happy collecting!!