Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stadium Club

Stadium Club is the newest Topps release that everyone is fawning over, and deservedly so unlike least in my opinion. My Target actually put out loose packs a day early and I picked up ten of them. Then I picked up a blaster at Walmart today. I must say kudos to Topps for releasing Stadium Club in retail this year. I felt like last year's edition was a good product but they missed the mark a bit by making it a mid-high level hobby only release. I'll probably pick up a hobby box at some point but for now retail will do nicely to satisfy my need for a fix.

I seriously think this is the best photo that has ever appeared on a baseball card.

Obligatory screen time for that guy. 

This inserts set is gorgeous.

Topps loves die-cuts a little too much. 

I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite cards from the set soon.


  1. Yeah I like these alot but could do without all the diecuts. Were your packs $3? I've only bought 2 rack packs so far and they each had 1 insert 11 base

    1. They actually rang up at $2 a piece. I do think that was a mistake but I'm not complaining as it saved me $10.