Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2014 Panini Classics- THE best card I have EVER pulled

Did that title catch your eye? Well before I show you the reason for that little bit of click bait I'll do a little talking and show a few other cards first. 

This past Saturday I went to a show in Charlotte. Going into the show I really didn't have anything in mind as far as a shopping list. This allowed me to be a little more free with the money I took and that turned out good and bad-ish (I'll save that for another post). Anyways, my favorite dealer tried to talk me into a box of 2014 Panini Classics at a show a few months ago but at the time I had my eye on a box of Triple Threads. This time around he still had three boxes. With my funds uncommitted and the possibility of some sweet hits I bit. It was a fun box to bust. 

Each box consists of two mini boxes which each contain 12 packs with eight cards per pack. So you are getting more cards total out of the box than you normally do out of a mini-boxed mid-high end product. Each pack generally contains seven base cards and one insert with the promise of one parallel, one auto and one relic in each mini-box. So with the number of base cards per box as well as hits this product can be good for both set builders and high end hit chasers.

The base card design is pretty basic without a lot of color or flair. Without the extraneous border or foil they aren't able to hide the lack of logos on the cards of newer players, which will drive some people away. On the other hand it works very well for tobacco card era players like Nap Lajoie. As a side note, I picked this card of Lajoie as the base card example because of the uniform he is wearing. I'm not sure if it's actually a baseball uniform or a pea coat. Very interesting.

The parallels are only different from the base cards in that the foil on the bottom portion of the card is given a refractory sheen and the words "Timeless Tributes" are added to the top.

For a set that's supposed to be mid-high end (a little over $100 a box), this has to be the lowest of the low end hits on the checklist. But I don't hold it against Panini. Topps does just as bad and worse.

The only thing missing here is a red C on the batting helmet. Still even without it this is an awesome dual relic numbered 80/99.


I love it when I can pull cards that add to my PC rather than having to hunt them down on eBay or trade for them. This Catfish Hunter relic makes and excellent edition to my HoF relic PC. My scanner didn't do a good job with the color of the jersey swatch as it is a little greener than it appears.

And lastly....




You still with me?



This....oh my goodness...this card....

I uttered a few expletives in exclamation when I pulled this card. This is definitely the best thing I have EVER pulled from a pack, Just...unbelievable. 

The bat chip and Mariners jersey patch are obvious. The "5" relic though I'm not entirely certain of. It is rubbery but also leathery. So I'm not certain if it is from a fielding glove, batting glove, or even possibly from a shoe. The card doesn't specify. 

For me this was one of those moments in this hobby that just took my breath away. A moment that I may never experience again. I do know that a card like this may have some of you salivating right now, (I'm lookin at you Junior Junkie!) But as I do have a minor Griffey PC, this one is definitely staying in my collection for the time being. In the future I may consider selling it. Perhaps when Griffey enters the Hall of Fame, when it's value should peak. But we will see. 

In conclusion,, Panini Classics is a fun product to bust. I know it's not for everyone without logos. And the price tag will turn some others away. But even without considering the Griffey, I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Holy cr*p, what an amazing card. That is a thing of beauty, congratulations on a great pull!

  2. Holy H**l Batman. Beautiful card and auto.

  3. I would guess batting glove. Also, that's an eBay 1/1 as he wore #3 towards the end of his career for his three kids.

    I'm racking my brain, trying to think of what I could possibly send you for that card. Apart from a few hundred Griffeys I'm not coming up with much. It's your best pull ever. You should keep it forever.

    But of you do decide you can part with it, check with me first. :-)

  4. Holy cow!!!!! That card is insane, and the card looks stunning even with the lack of logos! Panini is starting to get better with hiding the logos. That's a beautiful card...........................

  5. That is an awesome card! Congrats on an amazing pull!