Saturday, November 28, 2015

Swapping some cardboard with the Rhubarb_Runner

The first ever internet trade I made was with the Rhubarb_Runner at "é rayhahn, rayhahn". He encouraged me to get into blogging and shortly after I followed his advice and started this page. Ever since that first trade we had not traded since. But a few weeks ago he emailed me and said he had built up a nice amount of Braves trade bait and wanted to know if I was interested. (I highly suggest you check out his extensive trade bait page here. He has great stuff from every team.) We ended up working a deal out and this is what he sent me. This is his report on what I sent him.

The bulk of what he sent me added to my Chipper Jones PC.



After I gave Rhubarb my list of cards I was interested in he suggested I add a few more to even out the trade. So I added a few cards from the original Topps Tek issues. I never opened and of it back then and was interested to see how it measured up to the current day issues. Nice looking cards!!

I like how the red really pops on the back of this one.

Lastly is this Andruw Jones relic.


Thanks for the trade Rhubarb!!

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