Monday, January 19, 2015

Show singles, mostly

The last of the cards I picked up at the show on Saturday helped fill out some PC needs. One dealer had some boxes with cards at $5 or 3 for $12. I picked up some needed additions for my Hall of Fame relic PC. Some of these cards had $20 stickers on them and it surprises me that I was able to get these for the price I did.

I picked this out before I knew I would pull a Big Unit relic from my box of Tribute. Nevertheless I like this card.

This one is a preemptive addition. 

I also picked up this Freddie Freeman 2011 Diamond Giveaway die-cut card from the same boxes.

But wait, there's more!!!

One of my favorite dealers at these shows always has a big cardboard box full of team bags with random cards in it. The contents generally consist of about 50 cards, mostly recent Topps base cards, junk wax and a few good cards. He always puts cards on the outsides like Chipper Jones, Ripken etc. He sells them at 3 for $1. So even though I generally only get one or two cards from each one that I want it's still an outstanding deal. I picked up 9 of these team bags and got maybe 12 cards that fit into my collection. Totally worth it. One of them also contained this card.

At first I was quite confused as I did not recall there being a blue sparkle parallel in 2013, or any year for that matter, not including Opening Day. But then I realized this is a Blue Slate parallel from the wrapper redemption program. I'm surprised the dealer put this card in there.

My final purchase was three packs of 1995 Topps Dimension III. I was not previously aware of this set. The dealer selling them had them at 3 packs for $1 so I bought 3 to check it out.

I'm guessing Topps produced this set to compete with Sportflics. They're interesting cards but I think they would be better if the 3D effect included movement. Still they were fun to open and provided some previously unknown cards for my PC.

In conclusion, this is maybe the 6th card show I have been to since I rejoined the hobby and I have found that I absolutely LOVE going to them. It's so much fun being around so many other collectors and talking about the hobby with dealers. I also can't pass up the opportunity to see cards I could never afford, in person. T206 etc. I can't wait for the next show!

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  1. I forgot about Topps Dimension. That card is trippy.