Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sometimes I get lucky

This morning I went to a card show in Charlotte. I really wanted to bust a box but I couldn't seem to find anything I really wanted at a good price. I was talking to one dealer who had some higher end stuff like Tribute and Museum for good prices per pack. But me being a rip junkie I needed more with still some guaranteed hits. So I talked myself into a box of '13 Topps Finest for $79. I thought this was a pretty good price and it sure turned out to be.

This is a 1993 Finest buyback auto. They're inserted 1:1,206 packs making them rarer than some of the superfractors in the set. The card itself is not numbered but according to Cardboard Connection there are only five of each. There is a Topps authentication sticker on the back with a number. Is there a way to look those up?

Currently there is another Matt Williams list on eBay for $599 BN/OBO so this may be, meaning is, the most valuable card I've ever pulled. Sometimes I really do get lucky...

I'll have a full report on my card show bounty coming soon.

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