Friday, April 4, 2014

Bowman Chrome box

Sunday before last I made a trip by the LCS to pick up some supplies. I spent some time chatting about cards with the owner and browsed his stock. In that time I convinced myself that I couldn't leave without busting some packs. His boxes are generally overpriced so I don't like to go that route when I'm there. (We're talking junk wax boxes for $30.) But he had two boxes of 2013 Bowman Chrome for only about $10 more than they're going for online right now. So I figured I'd get one and save on the shipping and be able to bust the box as soon as I got home.

Now I, like all of you I'm sure, always have that hope that a box will contain some massive hit like a Superfractor. On very rare occasions I get really lucky and hit a big one in a box.

This was not one of those boxes. But it was about average I guess.

My scanner doesn't seem to pick up the rainbow shine of refractors very well. But these have to be the most bright and shiny refractors I've ever seen.

I love these sapphire rookie reprints that were spread out across all of the Bowman sets last year. And this is my favorite one that I've gotten so far.

My favorite card out of the box. #010/250


And lastly, the auto.

This is probably one of the worst names on the auto checklist. Portillo used to be one of the better international prospects but he's struggled at nearly every level of the minors he's played in. Since 2009 he's spent the vast majority of his time in Class A and only pitched in 8 games in AA. At 21 years old he still has plenty of time to develop into a MLB level pitcher. But seeing as he hasn't really improved at all in five professional seasons I don't think he'll go much higher than he is now. 

If any Padres fans are interested in the auto I'd be more than happy to trade. In fact all of the cards above are available for trade other than the blue Minor. And if you're putting together the base set and need something let me know and I'll see if I have it.


  1. Always interested in Auto's would trade something for it let me know what you'd want for it. send me an email Thanks, Dion

  2. Bowman Chrome is one of those boxes that you open and go "man that wasn't very good." 2 years down the road you look again and have the exact opposite reaction.