Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mounting a shiny rescue

Today I stopped by Wal-mart for a few things other than cards. I really didn't have any intention of buying any cards because I've decided not to buy anymore Topps flagship. It bores me. But just like you guys, I could not resist strolling through the cards aisle just to see what was there. While completely ignoring the plethora of flagship zzzzzzzz packs I gave some serious thought to buying some football cards. There were rack packs of Score football and Panini Prestige that were discounted. Then I thought about maybe some Topps Chrome football. There were about 10 rack packs of Chrome football hanging there. I took one off to look at the odds on the back...and then I saw it. Buried at the back I saw the top of a rack pack that was red rather than blue and I immediately knew what it was. One lone rack pack of 2013 Chrome baseball! I pulled off all of the football packs to retrieve the baseball beauties. I knew I had to buy it. If I left it there I'm sure it would have been relegated to Fairfield repacks at best. I didn't pull any autos but it turned out to be a pretty good rack pack.

As you all know there are two retail exclusive colored refractors. Purple ones that are native to blaster boxes, and orange that come from rack packs. I prefer the orange refractors by a long shot. Maybe because they're so bright.

Pack 1:
154 Nick Franklin
1 Mike Trout
6 Jason Heyward Refractor
112 Allen Webster

Pack 2:
14 Josh Rutledge
DY-CSA Chris Sale Dynamic Die-cuts
40 Max Scherzer
218 Big Joke Upton

Pack 3: 
111 John Lester
72C-BH Bryce Harper 1972 Chrome
126 Jonathan Pettibone
120 Jason Kipnis

So an impulse purchase ended up probably being the last 2013 cards I'll ever buy. Unless I ever manage to get some TTT, of course. But I'm glad I stopped to see what they had!

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