Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Love the 90's

While going through some cards recently looking for some specific ones to trade my love for 90's cards was rekindled. I started collecting in 1996 when my parents went to a festival thing in the nearby town and bought a couple packs of Collector's Choice from the LCS for me thinking I might like it. Well they were right! Between then and about 2001 I saved all of my allowance money to blow at the LCS every chance I got. 90's cards catch a lot of flack from some people but I love them. I particularly love the inserts because the designs were cool and they really were much rarer. So I'm going to start showcasing some of my favorite 90's cards along with continuing my "Dime Box Doozies" series. Hope you enjoy!

I love any card that isn't smooth by nature.

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