Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yeah right, maybe if it was Panini

Recently I picked up some old wax packs at a card show. One was a pack of 1991 Topps that I got for a quarter. I guess that is about what it would have cost back then, so factoring in inflation I got a good deal. I hastily tossed the 22 year old stick of, what was even back then, not very good chewing gum. Of course it had left a nice oily imprint on the back of the card it had been sealed against for so many years. Ozzie Martinez I believe or some such other 4th outfielder that merited a card in the eyes of Topps back then. The gum imprint makes the card more notable in my collection now than his stats ever did. The pack as a whole was filled with forgettable players who I had either forgotten about or never even heard of in the first place. Robin Yount was the only player of particular note in the bunch. The pack did however include this.

Obviously I didn't win. If I had been an instant winner I wonder how hard it would have been to convince Topps to honor it 21 1/2 years after it should have been claimed....heh..yeah right, maybe if it was Panini. But nonetheless, what a nice prize! The first 40 years of full Topps baseball sets. Wow! I wonder who won it back then and what they did with it. I wonder if they sold the sets or if perhaps they're just gathering dust in someone's attic in suburban Ohio. For some reason that is how I picture it.

I wish Topps still did giveaways like this.

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