Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Whatcha think?

So I'm wondering, does holding contests actually gain followers for you guys? I don't have many followers myself and it seems that most of my page views are just random traffic. Maybe what I write is just uninteresting.

But do contests work? Or do they just bring you a temporary increase in traffic and cost you some money, but then after its over it goes back to normal.


  1. I had one contest to "celebrate" completing my 2013 Gypsy Queen set in which I gave away some of my hits from that set. Anyone that left a comment got an entry, and if my followers posted it to their blog and their followers commented on my blog (along with the name of the blog they saw the post on), both the person leaving the comment and the person posting about my contest got entries. I picked up 5 or 6 followers.

  2. I don't know, I fell that contest bring a big bost in your pageviews, and you tend to get a lot more followers, if you require that in the contest that you must be a follower you will get a bit more and then your blog will get poupular, but little at a lime. I have 74 followers on my blog at the moment and there are times that I fell that my blog is not getting read at all, but I think that is most because I don't post very often as I should. So I would say yes to your question.

  3. I think you just need to write more often. If you look at your monthly posts your big month was July at 12. Other than that you aren't writing much more than once a week. It's kind of hard to get behind you if we can't get a feeling for your writing. I recommend you keep at it to even if your traffic is slow for awhile. It'll come around as you will get better, and people will notice you.