Monday, October 21, 2013

Allen & Ginter box break Pt. 1

So when A&G came out I bought a few loose packs here and there, then a rack pack, then a blaster. Most all of which I shared the contents of here. But at my recent card show visit I decided that I loved this year's edition of A&G so much that I had to pick up a hobby box. Here are the contents.

Oversized Box Loader: OB-MK Matt Kemp

Pack 1
98 Darryl Strawberry
128 Joe Mauer
9 Giancarlo Stanton
265 AJ Ellis
94 Billy Butler
CAP-MY Civilizations of Ages Past Mayans
178 Carlos Gonzalez mini
301 Tommy Hanson SP

Pack 2
6 Chanel Iman
100 Bill Walton
176 Abe Vigoda
112 Ziggy Marley
85 Phil Heath
223 Matthew Berry
19 Bobby Doerr mini
ATY-PG Across the Years Paul Goldschmidt

A pack without any baseball player base cards, interesting.

Pack 3
122 Jay Bruce
22 Bob Feller
127 Doug Fister
178 Carlos Gonzalez
19 Bobby Doerr
290 Eddie Murray
Codes, Ciphers & Cryptographs The Phaistos Disc
ATY-AJ Across the Years Adam Jones

Pack 4
219 Freddie Roach
254 Lou Brock
23 Adrian Beltre
154 Mike Morse
245 Mark Buehrle
179 Bonnie Bernstein
CAP-SD Civilizations of Ages Past Shang Dynasty
2 Derek Jeter mini A&G back
335 Andrew McCutchen SP

Pack 5
114 Yasmani Grandal
50 Willie Mays
165 Felix Hernandez
3 Babe Ruth
2 Derek Jeter
135 Vance Worley
Austin Jackson mini Red Bats Back 03/25
ATY-JWR Across the Years Jayson Werth

Pack 6
95 Curtis Granderson
60 Yoenis Cespedes
257 Michael Young
64 Neil Walker
194 Juan Marichal
PS-SP Palaces & Strongholds Summer Palace
165 Felix Hernandez mini A&G back
338 Marco Scutaro SP

A great start to the box with the bats back Austin Jackson mini! More of the contents to come soon!


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