Saturday, March 5, 2016

Show Box 1- 2014 Panini Classics

I've been wanting to open another box of this product ever since the one I busted about a year ago that had the amazing Griffey Jr. auto/triple relic. I found one dealer that had one single lonely box for sale at a price comparable to current online prices, so I snagged it. 




And the hits

This one is actually already on the way to me. I entered the code on Wednesday afternoon and got a shipping notice from Panini on Friday morning. If only all redemptions were that quick.




So, this was one of those "bottom of the barrell" boxes. They can't all be winners. The Jace Peterson auto was a nice pull for my PC. I've seen cases of Classics busted where every box was good and half the case had HoF hits. After my first box being a mega winner I suppose I should've expected to get a dud this time. Still, Classics is fun to open. Too bad Panini only tried it for one year.

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  1. Cool. I recently ordered a box of Classics from Dave & Adam's along with a couple pre-order boxes of 2016 Archives in order to bump my total into free shipping territory. So I've still got a ways to wait. I'm a little concerned that the redemptions expire 5/19/16, and Archives releases 6/1/16, meaning I'll get my box around 6/4 or so. Hopefully Panini is cool in the instance that I do pull a redemption, and that couple weeks doesn't come back to haunt me.