Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some Very Expensive Mehhhhhhhh

My biggest planned purchase at yesterday's show was a box of 2015 Topps Museum Collection. I've seen some forum posts of box and case breaks and watched Crackin Wax' case break. Obviously a product of this caliber can provide some incredible cards. I however did not select one of those boxes containing the awesomeness.

First the parallels.



Canvas Collection Reprint

And now the hits.





It's disappointing to pay as much as I did for this box, a little less than current online prices, and not have a card numbered below 50. Interestingly enough the Rizzo probably has the best resale value even though it's the highest numbered card from the box. 

Despite my box being underwhelming, my impression of Museum Collection hasn't changed. I still think it's an awesome set with beautiful cards. If I had the money I would totally bust a case of it as that would guarantee getting the big hits like the framed autos and awesome patches. Not to mention that busting high end Topps is always a blast. But unfortunately Museum is one of the sets that always gets more and more expensive as time passes so this will likely be the only box I ever bust of this year's iteration.


  1. OUCH!!!!

    I'm glad I picked a lucky box, and I'm sorry that you got a really awful box. Any chance you're trading the Wade Boggs, Anthony Rizzo, Brandon Phillips, or any of the parallels, canvas collections and base? I'm trying to complete the set. Please send me any email if interested in a trade

  2. Yuck. Love museum. I'm always tempted to bust a box or two but haven't yet. I've seen some pretty amazing boxes and some pretty awful duds from online breaks. If I had the funds I would definitely bust a case of this or triple threads both are awesome products

  3. Museum is one of those sirens' songs that will either give you perfectly safe passage through to paradise or will drive you on the rocks and crush you between Scylla and Charybdis.