Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Zippy Zapped me!!

Like many of you, I was recently Zippy Zapped as well!! Kenny sent me a bunch of awesome cards. Here are the highlights.

My first card from 1955 Bowman and now the oldest card in my collection.

1961 Topps

Black refractor 091/100

Old Braves rightfielder

New Braves rightfielder

When I first saw this card of the Braves' top prospect I was surprised because black bordered cards in Bowman products are generally pretty low numbered. And in fact the black bordered cards in 2014 Bowman DP&P, the set this card is from, are Hobby Only 1/1's. However this card is not numbered. Naturally I was rather confused. But with a little sleuthing I discovered that this card is from the Asia/Pacific Edition of 2014 BDP&P, in which all base cards are black bordered. So it's not a 1/1, but it is still a really cool card and likely rather rare anyways in the US.

Thank you Kenny for the awesome and unexpected package!! 

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