Monday, February 2, 2015

eBay relics

Adding to my Chipper Jones relic collection.

This isn't exactly a Braves relic but it has Tom Glavine on it and that's good enough for me! This is my first base relic and it is supposedly from a base used in one of the 1999 World Series games. Whether or not that's true, it's still a cool card. '99 was a fun season for Braves fans with 103 wins and Chipper Jones winning the National League MVP with one of the all-around best statistical seasons in MLB history. The year he finally figured out how to hit right handed, thanks to hitting coach Don Baylor, ultimately making him the second best switch hitter in MLB history behind Mickey Mantle. In fact his right handed hitting improved so much that he finished his career actually hitting one point higher from the right side than the left, .304 to .303. Anyways, '99 was a great year. Unfortunately the Braves ran into an on fire Yankees team who swept the series.

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