Saturday, February 7, 2015

2012 Topps Heritage hobby box

Recently I made a trip to the LCS to pick up some supplies for my forthcoming collection surplus purge, (Be on the lookout for it soon!) Well I can't go into the LCS without buying packs or even boxes. I ended up coming away with three different hobby boxes. The first is 2012 Topps Heritage. The box was the last one that he had and it had a very noticeable covering of dust on it so it had definitely been sitting on the shelf for quite awhile. He wanted to clear some shelf space for the incoming 2015 Series 1 so he gave me a good deal on it to get rid of it. Here are the highlights.

The box loader. 1963 Topps Steve Barber. I sorta wish Topps didn't put a foil stamp on these buybacks but I guess I understand why they do it. The card is actually in really good shape for being 52 years old now. Corners are sharp, edges and surface are clean.

Heritage Chrome 0117/1963


Refractor 376/563

Image swap short print

Annnnd the hit.

Overall it was a pretty uninspiring box. But I like 2012 Heritage so it was still fun to bust.


  1. if you're looking to unload any... my 2012 Heritage wantlist is up to date!

    I wish they would just remove the 'hits' from heritage and sell it for what it is... a set builders product.

  2. Cool Hamilton. I havent seen than one before.