Friday, March 21, 2014

Recent eBay pickups

One of my shortcomings are a collector is that I tend to spend money on cards from eBay that I probably shouldn't be spending. It's good for my collection but bad for my bank account. Regardless, recently I picked up three cards.

The first is this 1996 Leaf Signature Extended Jorge Fabregas auto. Sure he was just a platoon/backup catcher but I always thought he had a fun name when I was kid.

Next up is this excellent John Smoltz relic card from last year's TTT set #15/36. I can't wait to see him make the HoF next year.

And last is this awesome Chipper Jones Famous Four-baggers dual relic from 2013 Topps Tribute #79/99. The coolest thing about this card is obviously the dirt smudged on the swatch on the right. The one thing I don't get is if the sub-set is called Famous FOUR-baggers then why is it only a dual relic? Would make more sense to have four swatches. Oh well. I love this card anyways.

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