Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birthday break pt. 2

When I was trying to decide what boxes to order for my birthday I was feeling kinda bored with the current selection of baseball cards. Heritage wasn't out yet and I had been kind of jonesing to open some hockey boxes for the first time. I ended up ordering three boxes, the first of which I will report on here.

2013/14 Score Hockey jumbo box
10 packs
52 cards per pack
Each box contains two autos and one memorabilia card

I'm not going to show any of the base set right now but it was fun to break. The photography is pretty good and I have some ideas of some new blog series that I can do to showcase these cards. The set itself is light on inserts but heavyish on parallels. Every pack contains four gold parallels and you have a shot at black parallels and alternate backs. I did manage to pull one black parallel.

And now the hits.

Neither of these autos are much of anything special, nor were they the highlights of the box.

The memorabilia was.

These Team 8's cards are awesome. Very thick cards that feature four jersey swatches on each side. They also seem to sell for pretty good prices online. Not the type of jersey card you would expect to find in a low end set. So it was pretty cool to pull this card. But even cooler was...I pulled a second one!

I particularly like the back of this one because all four swatches are different colors. 

Overall this was a really fun box to break. And if there's one thing I really like about Panini it's that quite often you will get more hits than advertised. If you like hockey and you're looking for a fairly cheap break with a lot of cards then I highly recommend one of these jumbo boxes.

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