Friday, April 29, 2016

Show Singles

Last weekend was another show in Charlotte. This is the last one that will be at the Metrolina Expo Center as the facility has been sold and the new owner is demolishing the building. Future shows will take place on the east side of Charlotte, a much further drive for me. Hopefully I'll still be able to go.

Anyways, here are the singles I picked up.

Another addition for the HoF relic PC. This card actually has quite a few creases, as you can see in the scan. I don't mind though as I was able to get it super cheap.

I believe Hoffman will make the Hall in the next couple years so this is a preemptive addition. He may actually be the first pitcher with a losing career W-L record to make the Hall. Not sure about that.


And another preemptive addition. I hope Vlad gets in soon. I always liked Vlad for his ability to hit anything. The pitcher could throw the ball into the dugout and Vlad would still get his bat on it.


Troy Glaus won't make the Hall but I picked up this relic as well because I really like the design with the little rubber home plate. 

Always nice to add another Braves auto even though Cory has been with the Angels for a few years now.

And lastly I snagged this 2012 Bowman Platinum auto of 2015 Gold Glove Award winner Kole Calhoun.

Boxes from the show coming soon!

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  1. That Vladimir jersey card is sweet! Off to COMC to see if I can find an affordable copy for my Expos PC.