Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gypsy Queen rack report

So for my first baseball card related post.

So far this collecting season I have dropped more cash on baseball cards than I have in YEARS. I stopped buying Topps S1 back in April because I got down to only 20 or so cards left in the base set that I was lacking. I didn't feel like dropping money on packs that would be almost all or completely duplicates. Since then I have dived headfirst into the Gypsy Queen and Bowman sets. At this point I can't remember what all I got in what packs, however I do have a recent purchase to share. The other day I made a stop at my local Wally World and picked up a Gypsy Queen rack pack. Contents are as follows...

Pack 1
17 Brandon Belt

29 Cole Hamels

223 Jeff Samardzija mini

334 Bill Mazeroski SP

157 Vida Blue

294 Rickie Weeks

Pack 2
118 Ruben Tejada

171 Yasmani Grandal

DA-CC CC Sabathia Dealing Aces

207 Zack Cozart mini

119 Torii Hunter

286 Brandon McCarthy

Pack 3
229 Josh Johnson

CP-CF Carlton Fisk Collisions at the Plate

SS-MT Mike Trout Sliding Stars

194 Brandon Phillips mini

110 Buster Posey

11 Anthony Rizzo

The thing that makes the rack packs worth the $10 as opposed to buying loose packs is that it includes a pack of three White Framed Paper parallel cards that are normally inserted 1:35 packs. This rack pack included:

196 Omar Infante

120 Cal Ripken Jr.

328 Denard Span

All in all this wasn't a spectacular buy but there were a few good cards. Particularly the Mike Trout Sliding Stars insert and of course the Ripken Jr. white framed card.


  1. Hey, I saw you were a new follower of my blog and decided to check yours out. Nice pull on the Ripken! I'd be interested in trading for it and any other Orioles cards that you have that I need. Let me know if you are interested! Thanks!

    1. Hello Ryan, thanks for the follow! I would definitely be interested in working out a trade. It may take me a few days but I'll go through your want list and see if I have anything you need.

  2. Hi! Same as Ryan, by the way, he's good to trade with !

    Welcome to the world of baseball card blogs, obviously you have been reading some already.

    What do you need in Topps Series 1 ? I have a lot of extras as I only collect Indians.

    1. Thanks for the follow! In the process of answering your question I looked at my list and realized I had A LOT more missing than I thought. I was just tired of buying packs and having 6 or 7 of the cards be duplicates. For me the joy in collecting is less about completing sets than it is about just opening packs not knowing what's gonna be inside. So I'm not really focusing on completing the set but there are a few specific cards I would like to have that I am still lacking.

      1 Bryce Harper RCup
      11 Yu Darvish RCup
      78 Dylan Bundy RC
      105 Freddie Freeman
      110 Justin Upton
      126 Dan Uggla
      256 Madison Bumgarner